Whatever kind of designer you are (fashion, jewelry, INTERIORS ahem), what you see on holiday provides a wealth of inspiration. I am lucky enough to have traveled many places to gather lots of inspiration. Graz is the capital of Styria, and though it feels like a small town it is rather huge on cultural and architectural history.


Standard municipal buildings have grand archways reminiscent of a set from Game of Thrones!


The clock tower in Schlossberg sits high above the city (and worth the climb to the top. The view is outstanding!)

Perhaps I got some of the most quaint and boho interior design inspiration from a small, organic restaurant called Cafe Promenade. Not only was the food fresh, healthy, and spectacular, the design was beautiful in a “perfectly imperfect,” organic way.


This picture doesnt do the outdoors justice, they boast a lovely terrace next to the park with hanging lights (it happened to be storming the night we went so couldnt get pictures of that!


The reptilian wallpaper and floral murals gave an edgy but organic feel to the interiors….(above and below) Love black & white and color combined!




The lovely crystal globe chandeliers juxtaposed with chalkboard menus and moroccan-style tiles all somehow came together beautifully! (Above and below)



Everything, down to the lattes had an organic feel–love the leaf imprint in the coffee glasses.