It is often said that design inspiration is readily found in nature. Imagine my delight when walking my greyhound through the woods near my home–I spotted Silver Dollars! Also known as “Chinese coins;” their seedpods have the appearance of silvery coins. In Denmark it is known as judaspenge and in Dutch-speaking countries as judaspenning (coins of Judas), an allusion to the story of Judas Iscariot . I love them for two reasons: nostalgia and of course design inspiration:
Nostalgia: when I was about 6 years old my mother had a beautiful garden where silver dollars were prominent. I loved gently touching the iridescent thin skin; they were natures jewelry.  Today as a designer, they remind me of a silk satin fabric, and still delight me. When flowering, they can be purple or white, however I prefer when they morph into the silver satin purses. Think I may buy some on Amazon for my own garden (after all, what can’t you buy on Amazon these days!)