Those of you who know me well (or not even that well) know that I cannot survive without the (a) gym. I would like to call it a healthy addiction but believe it or not, most gym rats like myself really love working out, like a hobby!




That said, when I am in a pinch, there is nothing better than a home gym (basic or state of the art), that allows you to “get it in,” and for me its a justification for eating all day whatever I want :). Enter Gym Source, specifically the one in Falls Church, VA. Together with Dave Guerin Evergreen Contracting, and myself, Rachel James Interiors, we can outfit a home gym of your dreams! From flooring to lighting to mirrors to really cool equipment. Call me if you need a gym in your home and life, and we will deliver to exceed your expectations!


I am signing off now, heading to Gym Source to purchase one of the items I covet, a stretch machine (for f0lks like me who have been pounding their spine for countless years). Looks sort of like a medieval torture device, but believe me, pure pleasure.