I just couldn’t wait to share this installation with you, but stay tuned because in about a month I can show you the final result. The charge for this family room: redo the flooring, fireplace, mantel, add built-ins, and eventually rugs, casegoods, and furnishings. Phase one has been completed–remodeling the fireplace. The first step was choosing this A-MAZING marble, a green called Verde Luchensa. It is simply divine in the .5 x4″ bricks, and heavenly in the larger slabs for the hearth.
Step two–Pick a new floor tile, in this case, a lovely porcelain in a larger size 18 x 18. Generally we dont specify 12x12s any more, they are a bit “tired” unless you have a smaller space. Sorry about my toes in that shot, but don’t you love the polish color? 🙂 Step Three:get new fireplace doors. Clients love the Arts & Crafts design style, so I chose something with straight lines and geometric shapes. Step Four:
and perhaps the most important: no matter how gorgeous the stone is, the tile expert’s work needs to be flawless. Not a problem for my tile guy, who is the most meticulous artist . Do you know how hard it is to install small stone tiles perfectly straight? Especially when 99% of walls and floors are not plumb? It’s extremely difficult, but my tiler does it with finesse. Check out the tile project in progress:

And here are all the elements put together! Love it. When it was completed, I got misty. It literally is that beautifully created. Stay tuned for the completed project soon!